About Cristy Bergeron

I am a 42 year old mom of three daughters ages; 16,10 and 12.  I left a career as a event planner to follow my passion of making non-toxic products that are not only safe but fun as well!  This is now my full time job, and I love every minute!

I started Scrub-it NH, LLC to be able to stay home with my children if they needed me.  All too often, one of my girls was sick, had the flu, had a snow day and I would try to find the time to work a corporate job and juggle motherhood at the same time.  I made a promise to myself one day after calling in sick for the 4th day in a row that my daughter had strep that I never wanted to feel pressured to choose my job over my child. I decided at that moment I would take this hobby and turn it into a business and allow myself the flexibility they deserved.

Heading into my 5th year in business, with enormous growth, I’m proud to say I never have to feel that way again😊

Currently, my Scrub-It NH products are sold in 16 stores. I love talking to customers, educating them on how our products are good for any age and exposing them to all natural ingredients they never considered using as effective skin products.

Why Scrub It LLC products?

Wholesale opportunities

Our products are made with organic and all natural products and if that is not enough to draw traffic to your retail location our suggested retail value is affordable and our mark-up makes this an attractive product line to put on your shelves.

Quality Products

Scrub It LLC uses a unique blend or organic and all natural ingredients. Many of the extracts, and herbs used in our products are known for their healing properties. Our season scents keep your shelves stocked with fresh product throughout the year. *Scrub It LLC makes no claims to cure or prevent any diseases

Attractive Display

Our brand is growing. Scrub It LLC rebranded in early 2018. Our product line offers color coordinated scents so you can easily match up product lines. Everyone one has a favorite scent, why not create a bundle of all your favorites!

Availability & Production

All Scrub It LLC products are made in New Hampshire. We ship anywhere in the U.S.A. Pruducts are made fresh to order therefore we require 5-7 work days to fulfill orders. Seasonal items fly off the shelf quickly. We recommend ordering at least 3-4 weeks in advance of product launch in your store.